Hunting Intelligent Aliens

While there has been much said and done about aliens, I have always had a niggling doubt about their existence. If it were true that they exist and have a higher IQ than us, wouldn’t we have been exterminated, infected, assimilated, abducted or invaded by them? While many theories have been going around about alien existence, there is still no concrete evidence regarding their presence.

With so many galaxies and stars present in our universe, it is strange that not a single alien race has descended upon us. There may be reasons for this state of existence like maybe we are not on their to visit list or worse still we may be the most sophisticated life form in the universe, or the only living form in the entire universe.

All this may sound scary, but may be true. If you want to disprove such theories, the only way is to not wait for an alien invasion, instead go hunting for them. Here are some tips to hunt smart aliens.

The hunt

Although life beyond the limits of our planet is yet to be found, humans are still drawn to finding about extra-terrestrial existence. While it is difficult to sustain our flora, fauna, and human life in the present day scenario thinking of looking for aliens may seem a crazy thing to do.

Although there are devices to grow plants without sunlight and other technological advances to sustain life on earth, looking for aliens whose very existence is still suspect is certainly a farfetched and bizarre search. Scientists have been coming up consistently with weird and hi-tech ways to detect these aliens in our galaxy.


One way to hunt for the aliens is consider them to have evolved just like us. Since we do not have any other examples of evolution in our universe, this is a good assumption to make and a logical one too, even if it may be a tad improbable.

Radio frequency

soldier-160420_960_720One development phase that aliens as a race would have latched on to early is transmitting radio waves. Since we have been using radio frequency waves for over a century, it would be easy for aliens to spy on us and know about our existence and life activities. But this is possible only when accidental leakage of the radio waves occur. But if the situation is reversed and we could use the radio antennae to detect alien radio signal, it can be a distinct possibility to mull over.

As mentioned before measures that can sustain human population on this earth receive more importance than the presence or threat of aliens. For instance, we have the climate change, terrorism and other issues to be concerned about more. Measures such as using LED grow systems such as those at help us to contribute towards making the earth greener and reduce our carbon footprints. There are several other such measures, which we need to take up to ensure we are safe. And safety includes the impending threat of an alien invasion, which although not proved is still a looming one.

While research on the radio waves theory had been started back in 1960s, only recently the Kepler Space telescope in NASA has done searches on other star systems to detect alien presence. Although nothing concrete has been found yet, this is a big step forward that can come up with some long sought after truths about aliens.

Top 10 Monsters in Comic Book History

With profound awe, we adore superheroes in our comic books/videos saving the cities and the people from the wrath of evil and bad people. We mimic and kind of try to emulate them in our actions if not we can have their superpowers. But the main reasons they are called as superheroes because there are some villains who do the dirty deeds.

Let’s look at some of the best monsters in the comic history. Each of these monsters has been equally appalling, wicked and destructive.

  1. Vermin

Vermin was the monster that first appeared in Captain America comic in August 1982. Edward Whelan was a geneticist working for Baron Zemo (an imposter). During his experiments, his skin turns light pinkish colour and turns out to a cannibal rat. He resides in the sewers of NY sewers and is often found to kidnap people and kill them. However, Vermin is finally defeated by Captain America and Spiderman

  1. Morbius the Living Vampire

A vampire has always been the favourite topic of comic creators. However, this monster was little different from the rest.  This vampire was induced in it scientifically rather than by birth or bite. Michael Morbius was a biochemist, who while conducting experiments to cure his rare blood disease with vampire bats and electrotherapy. However, this inflicted on them “pseudo- vampirism”, an urge to attack humans and feed on them. It also gave him superhuman abilities like superhuman strength and super fast healing abilities. It also made him avoid sunlight like vampires. He first appeared in Amazing Spiderman in October 1971.

  1. Werewolf by Night

No discussion of comic monsters is complete without the werewolf. A guy named Jacob Russoff inherits lycanthropy on his 18th birthday and goes on affecting others. He would transform into a dangerous, bloodthirsty werewolf on every full moon and devours men. This scary monster first appeared in Marvel Spotlight in February 1972

  1. Solomon Grundy

Another zombie to the list of scariest monsters! Rather it would be controversial to add Solomon Grundy to be exactly called a zombie because even though he is dead, it’s entirely composed of wood because of the swamp in which it was buried and from which it resurrected. Green Lantern battles it and tries to kill it, but it being un-dead Green Lantern fails to do so. Thereby he commits many murders and becomes the ultimate villain battling the likes of Superman and Batman.

  1. Frankenstein

The age-old classic, Frankenstein, the super-villain existing from the old era was revamped by DC Comics in 1948. He was often found to battle often with Superman and Batman. Created by stitching together many corpses together, this undead body had a terrifying description and truly created fear in the minds of the readers. Frankenstein was created by young scientist Victor Frankenstein, by rogue scientific methods and was ultimately killed by Frankenstein himself because the monster could not control his emotions. This ferocious beast had captured the imaginations of many people worldwide and continued to marvel many comic enthusiasts even today. 500

Mysterious & Scary Monsters Around the Globe

People always do have wild imaginations and weave scintillating stories about mysterious and scary monsters.  They must be real or lived purely in an imaginary world, pumping up the adrenalin level.  Most of the stories defy the simple logic of rational thinking.  This article deals with 10 mysterious, and scary monsters lived around the globe.  I don’t claim they were all lived or existing, but you can expect an element of thrill and anxiety while reading these stories.

  1. Ogopogo:aa

Ogopogo is believed to be a lake monster seen by some ancient inhabitants of Canada.  This creature was seen reported in the Lake Okanagan of Canada and was first reported in the 19th century.   Many cryptozoologists believe that the creature could be a primitive serpentine whale known as Basilosaurus.

  1. Bigfoot:

A lot of curious stories are woven around Bigfoot and, of course, one of the world’s most marquee monster leaving readers puzzled over and over again.  This has become a hot subject when a short film was released in 1967 in the valleys of Bluff Creek, Calif.  In the film, it could be seen that a huge human-sized creature with furry walking along.  The authenticity of the film is not yet been confirmed but still considered as the best evidence for Bigfoot.

  1. Vampires:

Is it real?  It remains as one of the wild imagination of storytellers.  The sensual imagination was cleverly detailed in various films going back to the old classic film Dracula to the latest Blade.  The story lines are very scary and in the wee hours people dare to sit alone once seen this vampire type movies or even reading stories. Vampires are known for their qualities to suck blood and nicknamed as bloodsuckers.

  1. Cockatrice:bb

As the name suggests, it is a cross breed of chicken and hatched by a toad. This mythical creature looks like rooster head and dragon body with two legs. It is believed that the creature does have unnatural powers to turn people into solid rock and creature can also fly.


Blemmyes is a headless mythical creature with the face on their chest. They are cannibals.  The name developed from the Hebrew words and literally can be translated to “No Brain”.  The finest details are written Herodotus and are believed to be lived in ancient Libya.

  1. Pontianak:

The meaning of Pontianak is, “woman who died in childbirth”.  They prey on men.  The mythical story is part of ancient Indonesian culture that can freeze your bone.  These creatures produce soft fragrance when they are very close to you and cry like a baby.  They are known for their horrendous actions, flushing your eyes and driving into your stomach. They are believed to be identifying their prey by sniffing the clothes that are left outside.  Because of this, men in this part of the world never leave out their clothing overnight. 500

Ten Most Controversial Topics That Bother the US

People do have a different opinion on various subjects, and they mostly agree to disagree on matters that are not acceptable to them.  The reason for disagreement would be ideological, political and religious. Apart from this, customary social, behavioral patterns that are carried over from generation to generation and is practiced as part of their life if suddenly asked to change by a legal amendment may also bring a lot of dissent in the society.

Let us discuss some of the controversial issues that are critical and need to be addressed immediately.  The priority of ranking may differ from person to person, but issues will remain as an issue unless it is not addressed properly and later invite social protest.

  1. US Arms law: (According to Gallup, 58% of Americans are in favor of strengthening gun law)aa

Lots of discussions are going on unabated without finding a proper solution.  We need to have a strict arms and ammunition law.  In modern society like what we are enjoying today, there is no need for individuals to keep arms and ammunition for security reason.

2. Death Penalty: (According to Pew Research Center and CBS News show, 56% Americans support the death penalty)

It is a burning issue, and many people believe that state should not take the life of a criminal. But the supporters argue that a criminal murderer, irrespective of their political or religious objectives must be awarded death penalty as this will act as a social deterrent.

3. Abortion: (According to Gallup, 51% support under certain circumstances, 29% support under any circumstances and 19% oppose).

A lot of moral and ethical values are involved in the abortion issue.  On the moral side, a hapless fetus is aborted that seems like very cruel. Do we have the right to kill a fetus?  A very delicate question to answer with a clear conscious.

4. Social Security: (According to Gallup 48% consider it as minor source of income, 36% consider a major source of income and 14% differs)

Social Security service has to be strengthened and funding must be able to meet a full-time retirement expenses.  The contributions by the State and Employer and Employee must be increased to meet the expectations of the public and Social Security Pension must be the main source of income for retired people.

5. Euthanasia: (As per Gallup Seven out 10 American support euthanasia)

Well, this is a disturbing issue. I am not sure how can I support my beloved people be allowed to killed by a doctor. This is may be wrong from a third-person perspective, but the patient should have the right to take a decision to take the call whether should be allowed for euthanasia. Interestingly, some religions especially Jains do have a practice something equal to euthanasia known as Santhara/Sallekhana where a person can decide to quit his life by limiting the intake of food and water. 500

Why Everyone Needs Martial Arts Training

Why Everyone Needs Martial Arts TrainingThe reason I like martial arts training is because, it helps train your mind and body, and equips you to defend yourself in any type of intimidating situation. If you are looking to stay active and develop your health completely, martial art is an ideal way to do it. Your body and mind are honed to perfection with the exercises you perform. Here are some important benefits martial arts can provide you.

Muscle power

The adage, all brawn and no brain is a clichéd one. Martial arts is standing proof of how you can gain a muscular and fit body, and keep you mind sharp too. With aging, muscles lose their strength and density. This is why it is necessary for adults to keep their muscles active and strengthened. Martial art training keeps the muscles in use constantly. This allows the muscles greater mass, turning your body into a healthy and toned one.

Lose the calories

Adding up excess calories is easier, when compared to losing them. Martial arts sessions help you avoid falling into the obesity trap. With constant training in martial arts, you can burn calories consistently and lose weight. Metabolism is improved and you can burn calories rapidly resulting in fighting obesity effectively. I use the grappling dummy, which I had bought from this source, to keep me fit and burn calories fast.

Boost confidence

Many of our setbacks in life are because of lack of self-confidence. Our fear of the known and unknown is in a way a due to this. With martial arts, you get a lean and toned body, which itself increases your confidence. The self-defense training, which is integral to martial arts helps boosting your self-assurance.

Therefore, whenever you are in a precarious situation, your training will help you control your emotions, and push away the fear helping you act positively and come out unscathed. When you are confident of protecting yourselves and your dear ones, you will be self-assured and deal with anything that life throws at you daringly.

Be stress-free

Adults are more prone to being stressed out and overwhelmed beyond reason. This is understandable, as they have to deal with their job, family and other endless duties. With martial arts, you can help relieve the stress that threatens to overwhelm you. You can turn to a healthy and efficient lifestyle with the aid of the confidence and strength martial arts training gives you.

Enhance focus

To train in martial arts, you need a great deal of concentration and skill. As you go through the training sessions, you will become adept at defending yourself from the attack mounted by your opponent. Your reflexes will be honed along with your concentration. You will learn to concentrate intensely and notice details. Reading your opponents mind and anticipating his next move will become an easy one, once you train fully in martial arts.

The above benefits are only a few specific ones. There are many more, which you are sure to learn when you enroll in a martial arts class. A definite improvement in mental and physical health is assured with regular martial arts and you can lead a happy and long life as a result.

Flaunting your influence does not make you worthy of awards

The Smith family Hollywood has become something of a huge disappointment in recent days. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are ungraciously behaving like sore losers. This is particularly severe in light of their huge influence and historic prowess in Hollywood over the years. Now, we are not talking about the Mr. and Mrs. Smith aka Mr. and Mrs. Jolie (or Pitt). Brad continues to make good movies, whether as a producer or bit part actor, while his collagen and silicone-enhanced wife, Angelina, continues to be a noteworthy goodwill ambassador on behalf of the United Nations in New York City.

Brats and legends

The Smith family we are referring to here is that of the unusual but potentially talented family of former rapper, Will, and his good-looking wife, Jada. The Hollywood pair also have two very unusual kids who are following in mom and dad’s footsteps. These days, highly upset and perceptively jealous, the Smiths don’t seem to be able to make informed decisions or produce objective statements for their adoring followers to digest. At this stage, reviewing the coherent advice from the content developers at the Light Bar Land, does not look like an enterprise that will benefit them or their fans.

How sad and highly convenient to horror and science fiction fans. It has been some years since Will Smith has been able to match or improve upon his excellent remake of Charlton Heston’s The Millennium Man, in the form of I Am Legend, one of the best creations of mixing science fiction and horror in one film reel. Now, while the geriatric Heston still has issues with guns and rifles, the Smiths are behaving like brats instead of the professionals that they should be. Unprofessionally, they are boycotting this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, mainly because, they feel, no blacks or African Americans are being rewarded this time around.

Time for more Scott and Washington collaborations

Unlike them, Hollywood’s best action man, Denzel Washington, a two-time Academy Award winner and multiple nominee (no surprises for guessing why), just gets on with the job. Since Smith has become a pale reflection of the science fiction hero he once was, we would love it if the more mature Washington would step into a new collaboration with Ridley Scott, brother of the late Tony, and go on to produce some science fiction flicks and entertain the shit out of us all.

We’d also like Fish (Jada Plunkett Smith) to be slaughtered and in fact the network responsible for running Gotham – a tacky and weak spin-off of the Batman comics – to pull the plug on the show. It is a huge disappointment and, quite frankly, an insulting smack in the face of all Batman fans out there.

Of course, this reviewer here is only replicating the emotive and subjective behavior of the Smiths. So, more qualified comic book and science fiction experts are welcome to voice their disagreement in the comment field provided.

Alien beauty in films

Alien beauty in filmsAll through my childhood, I have watched many alien centric films, which although terrifying at some level managed to make the aliens look cute. This, I understood later on, was to prevent freaking out the audience. The filmmakers had to tread on thin line here as making the aliens look adorable can turn them into just beautiful looking toys rather than extraterrestrials or on the other hand make them too ugly and you can make the audience freak out.

Some of the films I had watched managed to make the aliens so cute but the makers had forgotten to avoid making them act like depraved and hideous monsters. Here are some movies that had cute looking aliens failing abysmally in the nightmare factor.

Mac, Mac and Me

This is a non-cult classic with ambitions of becoming another blockbuster like E.T. but failing miserably. The alien here loves McDonald’s and Coca-Cola and his pudgy body with long legs makes him too bizarre a combination to stomach. And even worse, he doesn’t even try saving the children falling off cliffs, which is another major point against him.


Po, Laa-Laa, Dipsy, and Tinky Winky are aliens brightly colored with the sole mission of bewitching toddlers and making them television slaves. While they do look cute on the first glimpse just like an ad for a beauty product, soon you wake up to their true colors. In real life, humans can well do without the beauty secrets of aliens. With advanced skin treatments, such as those found at, of their own, they could definitely consider themselves the most beautiful of species.

And the dismal appearance of the aliens on the whole make you yearn to classify them the ugliest of all species in the galaxy. The teletubbies are your very own nightmare that has been brought to life in full Technicolor. The deadly black eyes and the TV sets seen in their stomachs are terrifying, especially when they display souls of abducted children. In the opening credits, you see a baby’s head catching fire and being turned into the sun of the aliens.

The Dark Crystal

The peace-loving agrarian Podlings in this film are the exact antithesis of what you have in mind about aliens, They are good, kind, adorable and one point against them is they don’t look good. With bulbous heads, coarse hair and shapeless eyes they certainly look a terrifying sight, ugly enough to terrify Kira and everyone else who is watching.

Galaxy Quest

This classic movie was designed mainly to make the aliens look terrifying, while at the same time cute. The faces look clear and free of any blemishes like those that they have been treated with the dermabrasion device from CAMILASBEAUTY. Although they do look cute, they are revolting too. You can admire these aliens all you can until they reveal the sharp fangs in their mouth which are very disturbing.

Star Trek

Even if the Tribbles multiply endlessly, you are not easily disgusted or terrified by them as they are cute and fuzzy.  With the possibility of being drowned in a tribble pile looming large, these tribbles may well seem a bit more on the creepier side with their warm, fleshy ball shape covered with hair.

Identifying aliens

Identifying aliens

You may not be aware of it, but the coworker with whom you are friendly and share jokes with can be a space alien who looks like a human being, but isn’t one really. While this may shock you, or you may think I am downright crazy, such things have happened in the past, are happening now too, and will happen in future too. If you are looking for some telltale indicators of alien presence, Brad Steiger’s tips here will help you. He is a popular author and UFO investigator.

  • Aliens don’t have our sense of clothing and wear mismatched clothes, which are of very bad taste. For instance, a checked trouser with striped shirt or blue jeans with tuxedo jacket are a clear indicator of alien presence.
  • Crazy diet patterns also pin point alien company. Eating a French fry using a spoon or throwing away the patty and eating the burger bun are signs that reveal space aliens’ presence. While almost everyone loves BBQ meat, especially grilled in an efficient electric smoker, no one throws away the meat and only aliens can be so disrespectful and of course ignorant.
  • Lack of humor is another easy to identify sign in an alien. When in the middle of a serious meeting about company information, you hear someone laugh out loud, it may well be a space alien. Extraterrestrials don’t possess the earthly humor, so they may not respond to our jokes or may tell jokes that sound bizarre to everyone.
  • Aliens invade earth to gather all information they can about humans and so you can see an alien always carrying a tape recorded or written diary always.
  • Aliens may not understand the routine items we use and misuse them. For instance, an alien may apply correction fluid as nail polish, according to Steiger.
  • Aliens in their quest of knowledge keep constantly asking about the customs of their colleagues. For instance, an alien may ask why Australians are having barbecue parties on January 26th. Barbecue meat needs special smokers such as those at to retain the flavor and juices and form succulent and spicy treats that everyone enjoys.
  • Aliens do not reveal about domestic details or their activities after work during night or in the weekends. They are, overall, secretive about their personal lifestyle.
  • Since aliens don’t speak as we do, you may come upon an alien who is often talking to himself, which is obviously an attempt to improve his speech skills.
  • Human food always confuses aliens. For instance, they put bread inside sandwiches during company parties, and if you come upon a person not using ketchup, he is certainly an alien suspect.
  • And when near high tech gear such as microwave, aliens experience changes in their mood.

According to alien experts, all the above indicators have to turn out positive, before you can confirm the identity of a coworker as an alien. This great insight into alien character is just a sample of how to alert people to alien presence on earth.

Fear and its types

Fear is something that has been grossly misunderstood. It is not a complex feeling as people paint it. Fear is a feeling of anxiousness spurred on by our anticipating an imagined experience or event. In fact, according to Franklin Roosevelt, the only thing we need to fear is fear itself.

Health experts opine that the anxiousness is a standard biological reaction like the body signals that we get, when we are facing a tricky situation like a company audit, a split up with a partner or being in an accident.

Some people experience stage fear. They freeze up in front of an audience. I initially had this type of fear but now I’m free of it. This is mainly due to my taking part in sing along parties. Having a good quality-singing machine, click here, also makes a great deal of difference.

Fear just like other emotions you feel is in reality information that is offered to us. If we decide on accepting it, we will be able to improve the understanding and knowledge of the psychobiological state we are in. Fundamentally, there are five types of fears. Here is a break down on each of the fears.


This is described as the fear of being annihilated or of stopping to exist. While some people call this as fear of dying, I think this description is a more precise way of explaining the fear. The notion of not existing brings out an anxiety in people, which is I suppose a normal reaction. The way insurance companies mint money now shows how true this fear is. The extinction type of fear is more like the panicky feeling you experience, when you see down from the top floor of skyscraper.


Being afraid of losing part of one’s body or the idea of having the body’s integrity invaded or losing any function, organ or body part can bring on the mutilation fear. We fear bugs, snakes, spiders and other animals, because of this mutilation fear.

Being helpless

Immobilization, restricted movement, paralysis, imprisonment, entrapment, being overwhelmed or smothered, and being limited by circumstances come under this type of fear. In the pure physical form, this fear is called as claustrophobia. This fear is also connected to the fear of relationships and social interactions.

The fear of giving a speech or singing on stage too come under this type. As I mentioned earlier, I found it hard to overcome my fear of singing, but persevered and most of the credit goes to my karaoke machine, which I bought at Now I can belt out any type of song be it classical, rock or country without ever worrying about how bad it may sound. I suppose those listening should be pitied and may be they’d have an entirely new type of fear hearing me sing!


Being afraid of rejection, abandonment and losing connectedness or ceasing to gain respect, value, or feeling unwanted come under separation fear. Being under silent treatment from friends or family can be quite devastating for the person affected.

Losing integrity

Being in the receiving end of shame, humiliation, or some other form of self-disapproval from others come under this fear type. It leads to loss of self-integrity. This can be quite debilitating in the sense that it makes one lose his or her sense of capability, worthiness, and lovability.

Let’s face it, these monsters really do exist

Even if only in our imagination. But most of the readers here believe they really do exist. Just spend a little bit more of your own eerie time here with us to get the gist of the stories and comments catalogued here. Not even the comic book heroes are spared this post’s wrath against them because an alien is an alien and ultimately, not human. Whenever Superman whooshes by, faster than the speed of light in reality, but slowing deliberately to make his super-presence felt, be wary.

Even the producer of The Man of Steel and his valiant story writers had a subtle stab at this perceptive but deceptive hero, always living on the fringes of human society and always having to live a double life.

Superman the blasphemer

In the last film reincarnation of Superman, the producers and writers succeeded in portraying the blasphemous undertones of the much-loved hero, aligning him dangerously close to the ultimate beast himself, Satan. You could call that scene poignant, but it is stark and vivid. In the event, allegedly arriving to save humanity from a rogue alien, Superman deliberately descends from the sky, replicating Christ’s portrayal on the Cross, or His ascension into the clouds.

Can you now see how dangerous it is to believe in such heroes with superhuman or alien abilities? But fortunately, there are vigilantes who still put their heart, body and soul on the line to save their community.

He may be living with his own demons, but we still have Batman to fall back on. And it just goes to show how fallible he is as a human being. Just look at all those weapons and gizmos he carries about his person to do the job he swore he would do after the beastly Joker killed his benevolent folks.

While Batman has his own collection of useful and ingenious weapons, we also have the luxury of choice and invention. For instance, focuses on recurve bows. While they do that there are hundreds of places you can visit to source the best and most effective weapons to help you slay those things that go bump in the night, and worse.

A tribute to Mary Shelley

The classic Frankenstein lives on in everyone’s imagination. His presence is felt far beyond the classic tale composed by Mary Shelley. A frail, peripheral woman, she had her own demons to deal with. But she had the courage to alert the world of the dangerous presence of Viktor Frankenstein, unworthy of the title, MD.

Bob de Niro did the world a favor when he limped his way through Kenneth Branagh’s limp acting portrayal of Frankenstein. He showed us who the real monster is.

And centuries after Shelley’s story was published, Frankenstein’s legacy lives on in us and not in the comic books. While these picture books still bravely go on attempting to slay beasts, we go on creating our own monsters in real life.

How to tame your emotional monster

Almost everyone would have had a few scary confrontations with monsters (albeit fake monsters) during their childhood. This would have been mostly imaginary but at that time, it would have been quite a terrifying experience. And it is one that many find difficult to come out of.

I have imagined monsters hiding in the closet, under the bed, behind the curtains and in any dark corner in my room, so much so that I always had a small lamp on at night. While it is all right to have visions of monsters, imaginary of course, as a child, when you are confronted with monsters of a different kind such as anger, grief, envy and fear, which are emotional monsters, you need to tame them before they wreak havoc with your peace of mind and health. Here are some ways to tackle those emotional monsters that keep you from being happy in life.

Heed to the monster talk

When you feel monsters reside in you, you will be inevitably drawn to self-doubts and negative thoughts. All these are accepted by you whether they are true or not. Therefore, what you need to do is to listen with care on what the monsters really talk about.

Identify your monster

When you are able to find out the identity of the monster frightening you, it will be easy to get rid of the negative and fearful emotion. You will be able to see clearly what exactly you are afraid about. With the monster lurking inside you, it will feel like being hunted. Speaking of hunting, I have gone on a few hunting expeditions mostly of small game. Having good quality hunting gear such as tactical knives found here help in many ways during the entire expedition.

Since I have experienced the emotional monsters, I know how a hunted animal feels. The negative emotions push you into a corner making it look like there is no escape avenue whatsoever. But when you find out what exactly you are afraid of such as failure to live up to the expectations of your parents, failing in a test or being bullied it would be easier to resolve.

View the monster as separate from the problem

Treat the monster and the issue that is conjuring up the monster as separate. For instance, the frustration and anger you feel are monsters you cannot control. Keep these two aside and look at the real issue that is churning up the anger and frustration. You will be able to concentrate on the problem and tackle it without the monster looming over you and preventing any positive action. I initially had doubts about my hunting prowess. But once I focused on the technique that my guide assisted me in, I was able to set aside my reservations and put in my best effort. The folding knife my guide recommended to buy from deserves special mention, as it came in handy right from setting up the watch to handling the hunted game.


Having separated the monster, you should visualize dealing with the problem effectively. The joy you get out of the visualization for having conquered the issue would perk you up and make you deal with confidence.

However big the problem you are facing, it is easier to tackle it when you break it down into steps and tackling them one at a time. While positive affirmations do help, they are not the right solution. The steps above help you chase away the monsters for good.

Ways to deal with hysteria

person-802488_960_720Occasionally you would have come across a person behaving totally out of character like screaming or sobbing uncontrollably or an otherwise calm person behaving maniacally throwing or breaking things. Hysteria is a condition that arises when emotions get out of control due to some reason or other.

The emotions become overwhelmingly powerful that you lose control. The cause behind hysteria can be attributed to many things, but generally, anxiety disorders almost always cause hysteria.

Sometimes exposure to anxiety over a long span can make a person reach a state wherein their emotions spiral beyond their control. If you feel you are in the brink of becoming hysterical, you can save embarrassment and distress by trying the following tips:

Take a walk

Walking is an exercise that helps you calm your thoughts. When you sit or stay inside your home, it fuels your thoughts into running wild. Walking helps to improve your circulation and breathing, and creates distraction, which is welcoming relief to the depressing and stifling thoughts you are having.

If you have a swimming pool you can also go for a swim. Whenever I get too angry to think clearly, I just head to my pool, which is heated nicely with a pool heater I purchased at The swim is much more vigorous than walking and hence works faster to douse your angry and anxious thoughts.

Talk to someone

It need not be someone in the family or a friend. The act of talking on your mobile helps to reduce the hysteria. This is more effective than when you talk in person, as you would be embarrassed about showing your state of distress. Actually talking on your mobile requires considerable amount of mental power, so you will be distracted from your anxiety and listening to a soothing voice further increases the calming effect.


megaphone-50092_960_720Sometimes yelling is a way to release the pent up emotions. It helps to stimulate blood circulation and makes you lose steam. But ensure there is no one around when you do so. While this may be extreme, and similar to a hysterical outburst, you can try doing some manual work like gardening especially pulling out weeds and pruning, which are demanding tasks that helps relieve the emotional stress.

Swimming as I said before is a great way. Some experts suggest dousing in cold water helps to shock you into a stupor and let go of the hysterical feelings. While this may be of use, if you are at the peak of hysteria, I however prefer my pool water to be heated to at least normal temperature in general. My pool heating system, which I’d purchased from Pool Heater World, lets me use the pool all through the year.

While the above measures are effective to some extent, they do not however give lasting relief. You will have to reduce the levels of anxiety you experience substantially, if you are looking to erase the hysteria permanently. Meditation, exercise, and diet help to bring down the anxiety levels. Medications too help in reducing the exacerbated effect of anxiety and stress.

A Monstrous Salon

A Monstrous SalonDo you know about all the spoof monster movies out there that are supposed to make the classic spooks, ghosts, goblins and creeps into humorous, funny things? Well I hate those. There’s nothing worse than taking the teeth and claws out of a tiger and then showing it off like it’s something people should still be excited to see. The only way this is acceptable is if you can make the dumbed down version something funny that gets people laughing. You can’t really do that with tigers, but you can definitely do it with movie monsters, a point which got me thinking.

I’ve seen a handful of movies about small town barber shops with casts of characters getting stuck in all kinds of situations. Some of these are actually really popular, like one which is literally titled Barbershop. Well, what if instead of the usual customers, classic monsters came into one of these barber shops instead? You could get Medusa coming in to get some extensions, or the Wolfman getting a perm that makes his whole body look about three times its normal size. I can already think of several nice jokes that could be worked into the scenes pretty easily.

Well, I think it would be pretty funny. It would be even better if I could track down a bunch of old props too; maybe use a barber shop from decades ago to set the mood and make it look like a period piece. Now I don’t really make movies, I just watch them. But I think there’s a potentially good idea here that someone out there might want to do something with. Are there any skilled nail technicians out there who also have a mind for acting and directing film? I don’t know – there probably are. But I don’t have the time to go looking for them.

This might actually be an ideal project for a group of film students looking to make something silly that they could also treat as a serious project. I never went to film school, but I’ll admit I’ve sometimes wondered about what kinds of movies I could make if I was given the chance. There are just so many bad movies in the world, I’m positive I could make something better than a few of them. But if you’re more interested than getting your nails done than the movies I would make, here’s a link.

Well, what do you think about the monster salon thing? If I could get some opinions on that at least, I might feel a bit better. What if Dracula was the old gent who came by in the evenings for a quick shave, or Frankenstein’s monster had a job washing people’s hair and just kept crushing their heads when they came in for a cleanup? I really think there’s a lot of potential here, but  I wonder what other people think too. So drop me a line if the stuff you’ve read here has proved interesting to you in the least.